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 Thoracic Outlet Home Relief System 

A Step-by-Step Total Relief System to Finally Take Control of Your 
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome...

Scheduled To Be Released 2009

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The Thoracic Outlet Home Relief System is a complete system designed to help the Thoracic Outlet Syndrome sufferer take control of their condition and their bodies.  The system was created to:

  • Help you control your pain and other symptoms 
  • Stretch and Balance the muscles of your neck and shoulders
  • Increase the health of your nerves so that they can function better
  • Help you change the behaviors and postures that are adding to the problems
  • Keep you on track with our Follow-Up Support System

 The best part of it is... your whole body will start to change and you will feel better all over.  Remember that tingling and numbness are just twp of the symptoms. There are probably a lot of other symptoms that you are indirectly experiencing and you don't even know they are related.

  You will not believe how much better you will feel ...all over your body.

And we will be right by your side...holding your hand to help you make the changes needed. E-mail and other technologies help us guide you when you need to be guided.


Remember what all the experts say...

Thoracic outlet is treated by behavioral modification and exercises to correct imbalance.


The most common treatments that are initiated for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome are physical therapy, including stretching and exercise, chiropractic, medication to control symptoms, and surgery in more advanced cases. 

The challenges that the practitioner and patient face with these treatments is that they are therapeutic in nature.  That means that you need to do these treatments 2- 3 times per week for months and months to get the results desired.  

The challenge is that when you have to take the time to get ready, drive to the treatment facility and then return home it can be 2-3 hours out of your day and in today's world who has that much extra time to fit into your already busy day.


Although the Thoracic Outlet Home Relief System is not a replacement for medical treatment, most patients will benefit greatly from using this system. 


Your Home Relief System is designed to take only 20-30 devoted minutes per day. The rest of your correction will be seamlessly incorporated into your life.  We will try to give you simple things that can be done throughout the day.

The Home Relief System is a complete system for helping correct the problems that have created your condition in the first place. 

The Home Relief System addresses all aspects of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. The system will...    Take charge of your condition and your life and learn more about the Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Home Relief System.

·          help you address controlling your that you quickly get some relief

·          help stretch the muscles, tendons and ligaments which not only are key issues to correcting your condition but also valuable in pain relief.

·          teach you how to balance the muscles in the shoulder preventing future problems.

·          give you nutritional supplements to help your body to repair damaged tissue and reduce inflammation.

·          increase your strength

·          and so much more!!!

The Home Relief System will address all of the aspects recommended by the experts plus offer you some of our secrets.  It will give you all the stretches and exercises needed to correct your problem, strengthen you and keep the symptoms away.  The best part about it is that by balancing your muscles, stretching, taking the right vitamins...

and all the other recommendations offered by the Home Relief System, you will just feel great overall. 

Most doctors do not really have an answer to the question...What does all this conservative treatment and behavioral modification look like?  What are they truly recommending? 

Physical Therapy is valuable, however after treatment is completed, symptoms commonly return.  Many people do not realize the benefits you can achieve with the proper long term simple exercises and modifications at home.

If physical therapy is not effective, then you turn to medications, which can help you with some of the symptoms but have a long list of side effects and does not help the condition at all.  This is not the way to curing Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and living pain and symptom free forever.

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